Creatine Effects On Vegetarians – Mental Boost

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Creatine Effects are numerous, but it wasn’t known how normal people need creatine to maintain optimal performance. Creatine is a combination of 3 amino acids, that the body can synthesize or get from meat, but how does the lack of creatine in the diet of vegetarians effect their physiology?

In a recent study it was shown that creatine effects vegetarians by increasing cognitive function, including reaction time and memory. Creatine effects in the elderly have been shown on cognitive function, but this is the first time that people who don’t consume a diet high in red meat benefit from a creatine supplement.

The typical diet contains creatine from red meat and supplies 3-5g per day. In this study, the vegetarians were given a whopping 20g of creatine, which improved memory and reaction time. For those vegetarians that body build or just want extra mental clarity, creatine is certainly an important supplement. If creatine can have this kind of effect on the mental performance of vegetarians, can you imagine how it would improve their physical performance?

The best form of creatine is still creatine monohydrate and that was the form that was used in the study. Most nutritionists recommend a 3-10g dose of creatine monohydrate per day to get the physical benefits and creatine should be taken for 8-12 weeks with a 2 week break.

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