Kre Alkalyn – Is It Truly the Best Form Of Creatine – A Kre Alkalyn Review

Kre Alkalyn (TM) is a patented creatine mixture that claims to be 10 to 20 times more effective than straight creatine monohydrate at getting into the muscle cells. It is claimed by the patent holder that Kre-Alkalyn uses a buffering agent to make more creatine active and stop the conversion to creatinine. Creatinine is a byproduct of creatine metabolism and considered a waste product making it undesirable for the bodybuilder.

Standard Creatine comes in many forms that compete with Kre Alkalyn like creatine malate, creatine citrate, other creatine salts, creatine monohydrate and creatine ethyl ester. These forms of creatine also claim to have near 100% absorption and are touted to be better forms of creatine as well. To test the claims that Kre Alkalyn has better bioavailability we can look to the scientific literature. Also, what does the scientific literature say about the claims that 90% of creatine is converted to creatinine and therefore useless? Is Kre Alkalyn worth the extra money?

According to its patent, Kre-Alkalyn uses one of the following ingredients to act as a buffering agent: soda ash, magnesium glycerol phosphate, hydroxide, carbonate, bicarbonate, chloride, tree latex or a phosphate. These buffering agents in theory help stop the conversion of creatine to creatinine in the acidic stomach. This conversion is supposedly stopped by adding in these buffering agents.

KreAlkalyn does have some studies posted to their web site. Do they support the notion that Kre Alkalyn is vastly superior to creatine monohydrate or creatine salts like creatine malate or creatine citrate and creatine ethyl ester? The first study may support some slight improvement over other forms of creatine.

Using 24 healthy Bulgarian weight lifting competitors, Kre Alkalyn did show a roughly 2% increase in weight lifted over creatine monohydrate. To put this in perspective, if a powerlifter put up 300lbs on a squat, after 60 days the creatine monohydrate group would lift 325lbs and the Kre Alkalyn would lift 332lbs. Not exactly the stellar performance differences and vastly different absorption that is claimed by the Kre Alkalyn folks. Sure, lifting 7 extra pounds over 60 days is impressive, but it isn’t life altering weight even for a well trained athlete. Additionally, this study clearly is in dispute with their assertion that 90%+ of creatine monohydrate taken as a supplement is turned into creatinine in the stomach and thus inactive.

While it is significant to see an increase of 7lbs of weight lifted, is it possible that the real reason that Kre Alkalyn performs better is due to the bicarbonate in the product? I personally think that makes the most sense. Certainly more than 10% of creatine monohydrate is active, contrary to the Kre Alkalyn claims, so it isn’t the additional creatine that is having the slight improvement. It is most likely the bicarbonate. As an ergogenic aid, bicarbonate is very useful to performance athletes. If you are not aware, you probably own bicarbonate already, It’s called baking soda.

So, perhaps the “secret” to Kre Alkalyn is really just 5 cents worth of baking soda, which we know is good for performance athletes. A study of baking soda in performance athletes confirms this assertion. “Sodium bicarbonate and Na-citrate seem to be effective in activities with a sufficient duration to generate a difference in the hydrogen ion gradient, characterized by a very high intensity and involving large muscular groups.” (1) Large muscle groups is exactly what was studied in the Kre Alkalyn paper, so, for large muscle groups clearly, bicarbonate will increase performance and thus may explain the additional benefit achieved in the Kre Alkalyn study.

I suppose this is a benefit of taking Kre Alkalyn, the addition of bicarbonate. For the extra price though, it hardly seems worth any extra money. Considering that the study from the KreAlkalyn site used 7.5g of Kre Alkalyn per day and that will cost you about 35 dollars, it hardly seems like Kre Alkalyn is a good deal compared to creatine monohydrate and a teaspoon of baking soda as the buffering agent. Additionally, more advanced creatine complexes are on the market that contain crucial cofactors that enhance creatine, like beta alanine and hydrolyzed amino acids. These complexes are usually cheaper and would certainly have benefit over both standard creatine monohydrate and Kre Alkalyn. Almost no one takes straight creatine any more, since there are advanced blends that have eclipsed them in performance by marrying the creatine with numerous cofactors.

There are other studies from the Kre-Alkylyn web site that show indeed this form of creatine with a buffering agent is stable and non-toxic, which is to be expected. Another study shows that kre alkalyn again preforms slightly better than creatine monohydrate on a VO2 max test, but again this is probably due to the increased bicarbonate in the mix, not that the creatine itself is changed in any way or is absorbed better.

According to this study the Krealkalyn seems to be missing one key factor of creatine monohydrate supplementation, increased DHT levels. These increased DHT levels in young people may be whats causing them to get cranky on creatine, but may also increase their penis size and potentially make them taller (4). This benefit is seemingly negated by buffered creatine for some strange reason. Perhaps the additional acidic environment pushes the body to manufacturer more DHT from other sources than testosterone which is a very good thing for young people. The fact that this healthy benefit is negated is a knock against buffered creatine.

So, what about the claims that Kre Alkalyn is better absorbed due to creatine monohydrate being broken down nearly 90% by the stomach? The scientific literature completely debunks this claim. In fact scientific studies show creatine monohydrate can certainly be 100% absorbed, one study stating “Creatine seems to be totally absorbed since no creatine or creatinine was detectable in feces.” (2,3) and Creatine Salts such as creatine citrate and creatine malate have also shown to have nearly 100% absorption (3). This completely debunks the myth from All American EFX, the maker of KreAlkalyn, that buffered creatine is a better form of creatine for absorption and debunks the assertion that 90%+ of standard creatine monohydrate turns to the waste product, creatinine. Using muscle creatine levels as the standard, it was shown that almost all creatine forms are absorbed and utilized.

All of this serves to really debunk the assertion that unbuffered creatine is inferior to Kre Alkalyn. The data seems to indicate that any benefit from Kre Alkalyn is probably due to the bicarbonate or other buffering agent. The small amount of bicarbonate makes the supplement perform slightly better than standard creatine monohydrate, but the differences are very slight even in performance athletes. If you really wanted buffered creatine, bicarbonate can be had in any kitchen in America as “baking soda”. You can make your own Kre Alkalyn by adding 1 teaspoon of baking soda to your creatine drink.

A serious deficiency of most Kre Alkalyn supplements on the market is that they seem to be missing the various advanced cofactors found in the most preworkout drinks. These cofactors, like beta alanine show an increased improvement over straight creatine, making them a key component of any preworkout creatine drink (5). The lack of things like beta alanine make most Kre Alkalyn supplements inferior to the current leading preworkout powders.

Creatine is great for you and should be used by any serious bodybuilder. It is a proven supplement with benefits for powerlifters, bodybuilders, the elderly and middle aged men and women. No matter what form you use, make sure you add this impressive nutrient to your workouts and enjoy the numerous benefits.

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Using Creatine Nutrition To Change Your Body

The human body is very complex. However, those who choose to live a healthy lifestyle and seek to create a sculpted, well-oiled machine out of what they have to work with can get an extra boost for their muscles by supplementing additional creatine nutrition into their diet. There are several ways that you can get this amino acid based compound, called creatine nutrition into your system.

First and foremost, it is created naturally in every human body and many different animals, as well. Your body provides you with some creatine every day. It is usually generated by the kidneys and liver. It metabolizes quickly but if you are not an aspiring body builder, it is likely that you do not need more than what your body already gives you.

However, you can use a creatine nutrition protocol if you are engaged or about to engage in an exercise regimen and want to increase muscles and become the best you possible.  To get the most out of the creatine nutrition benefits, you will definitely want to supplement additional compound, daily. The second place that you can get it is from meats and fish. Of course, if you are trying to be fit, it is best to avoid eating these items in any fried form. Try to add as many lean meats to your diet as possible.

Still, it doesn’t appear that the creatine from meats and fish is the same as taking a creatine nutrition protocol, so if you want the best out of creatine you need to supplement.

Creatine can be purchased for very reasonable prices in pill and powder form. The creatine nutrition protocol if you are trying to bulk up quickly, is advised to take ten grams per day for the first week that you are lifting and trying to obtain muscle mass. After the first week, you should see a noticeable increase in lean skeletal muscle and you should then decrease your daily intake to five grams. A standard creatine nutrition protocol should be used for 8-12 weeks and then take a 2-3 week break from a creatine supplement.

One very important thing that many body builders new to the lifestyle neglect is fluid intake. It is imperative for you to drink large quantities of water. You can find out just how much to drink through free calculators online or by asking a trainer or physician. Make sure that you drink before, during and especially after your new exercise and lifting regimen to keep your body hydrated.

One of the quickest ways to lose fat and increase muscle is by drinking plenty of water and taking additional creatine. There are very few negative side effects of using a potent creatine nutrition protocol, the most frequently noted is stomach cramping and diarrhea. However, in studies, it has been found that these cramps are frequently caused by low fluid intake and not taking creatine with other products like cinnamon extract and dextrose, which can prevent this side effect.

Creatine provides energy to your skeletal muscles by recharging ATP.  When you are working out, you burn the compound and if you are not taking additional amounts, you will not be able to build your endurance or mass as easily or quickly. It does this by multiple mechanisms and a proper creatine nutrition protocol will address many aspects of bodybuilders needs and wants. Creatine can help reduce enzymes that tear down muscle along with increasing muscle volume and work output.

There is great concern over the past decade with all of the doping allegations and scandals, over taking any sort of supplement to help increase your physical performance. Professional athletes as well as those who are simply seeking a better life for themselves are very pleased with the performance that this simple compound provides. It works for nearly everyone and if it does not work for you immediately, there is an easy way to change your results.

When you take creatine, there is no worry about showing up on any tests you may have to take or suffering from the negative side effects that plague many professional and amateur body builders. You will not get fat from taking additional amounts of it. You will not suffer from any physical maladies such as decreased sexual arousal or changes in your sexual organs. This will not make you infertile. It will not stay in your system for long periods of time or cause you to feel sick.

A good creatine nutrition protocol is about the safest supplement that you can take to get big.

You can look forward to building lean muscle mass, losing fat and feeling invigorated without being shaky, nervous or nauseated by taking creatine. You will not lose any of your youth or vitality from using it, either. There really are no other supplements that work as quickly to provide you with positive results without causing any illness or unwanted effects.

If you are using creatine for the first time and you do not see a big change within the first few weeks of taking the high dosage of ten grams per day, try upping your intake of high glycemic index foods and substances and take them with the compound. This usually changes your flat results and starts giving you the beneficial results you desire. There are a very few who do not get quick muscle mass gain with the use of this compound, however. Stay with it and start liking how you look when you adhere to a strict lifting, exercise and diet plan along with a proper creatine nutrition protocol.

DISCLAIMER: The information on this website reflects the opinion of our staff and manufacturer’s and should not be interpreted as medical advise. The information is not unbiased or independent and is the opinion of the owners of The descriptions and statements accompanying these products and vitamin supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.