Nutrition For Muscle

People always want to know what nutrition for muscle supplements that they should be taking. Nutrition for muscle gain starts with a sound diet and exercise plan. You can’t get big and utilize the nutrition for muscle growth without a sound exercise plan. Exercise is what will help you utilize nutrition for muscle growth. You can find a very good FREE exercise plan here that will help you reach your goals:


Once you have that you need to realize that food provides the best nutrition for muscle. Good whole foods like beef, chicken and eggs will give you the protein you need. It’s also good to take a nutrition for muscle shake that contains whey and genus protein. This will ensure that you have the 100-200g of protein per day to grow.


Once you have the basics down like food, diet and protein you can look to other sources of nutrition for muscle like creatine. Creatine is the most well studied and safe supplements you can take. Often in an effort to get jacked up in the gym, many creatine supplements contain things like caffeine and other stimulants. These will help you gain focus and stamina for pushing the weights.

Creatine can help build muscle three ways. First creatine will provide instant muscle gains due to increased muscle water retention. Second, creatine will give you extra stamina because it recharges the muscle energy stores. Finally, creatine can reduce key enzymes that tear down muscle, which will increase the size of the muscles long term.

Amino Acids

Muscle nutrition depends on amino acids for growth. Amino acids are not the same as protein, they are actually used by the body in a different manner. Leucine is the most important amino acid for muscle growth and every supplement you use for muscle nutrition should contain Leucine. The perfect stack is creatine along with essential amino acids and Leucine. This is the most potent natural anabolic stack on the market. It is perfect for younger people and natural athletes looking to have optimal muscle nutrition. You can buy the stack here:


Testosterone Boosting

You can use a variety of products to boost testosterone and this represents the next phase of good muscle nutrition. Many people like to try Tribulus, but unfortunately Tribulus has been proven to be ineffective at boosting testosterone.

The next thing that people try is to reduce estrogen, which then boosts testosterone. It is very effective to use an estrogen blocker this way and will support up to 40% higher testosterone levels. One of the best ingredients for boosting testosterone via this estrogen reduction pathway is 2-Penyl-benzo{h}chromen-4-one. This natural anti-estrogen helps reduce the enzyme pathway for converting testosterone to estrogen and is a very effective muscle builder. You can find this supplement here if you wish to boost testosterone in this way:


Herbal androgens are the next way to naturally boost your muscle nutrition. These products act like steroids in your body and give you 6-8lbs of mas gains without making you test positive on a drug test. These are perfect for people who are under 21 or people who are regularly being tested for performance enhancing supplements.

There are several unique herbal androgens on the market, but the best ones are Hibiscus Extract and Tinnospora extract. These act like testosterone in the body and give you clean mass gains. You can read more about these ingredients here:


Anabolic steroids are the most high level nutrition for muscle products. In many countries anabolic steroids are illegal. In the US, steroids are still available on the black market, but there is one legal steroid still left that you can purchase. This steroid helps boost testosterone levels by being a prohormone.

This legal steroid is a very potent mass builder and users report gaining 8-12lbs of mass on a cycle. Illegal anabolic steroids will typically put 12-15lbs of mass on you, but carry the risk of jail time. The legal prohormone steroids are the closest thing you can purchase in most countries to anabolic steroids.

These are for advanced people who are looking for the best in nutrition for muscle. You can find legal steroids like this one on the internet but make sure you are not getting scammed by people selling herbs instead of real andro products. Buy legal andro steroids here:


Using these products for complete nutrition for muscle, you can get amazing gains. Remember that thet products are additive, so there is no reason not to take all of them at once.

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