Creatine helps you get ripped 33 percent faster

Creatine:  The Key To A Ripped Body

We’re a completely body image obsessed culture. The desire to be attractive and desirable is on all our minds. The idea of the perfect body is everywhere. It’s in magazines, on the internet and it’s even on television shows like MTV’s “Jersey Shore”. Image is everything.

People tell you the inner beauty matters more but we still care about how we look, and body image is not just a girl thing. Most college guys are more aware today than ever for the need to have their bodies look big, ripped and exactly like their girlfriend’s favorite chiseled television or film star. To help themselves gain more mass, many college guys are turning to sports nutrition supplements as a way to shape their bodies in the gym.  Creatine really seems to be the popular supplement of choice.

Creatine pre-workout supplements are very popular among college kids because they have been shown to help pack on muscle safely and effectively. With several variable creatine products on the market such as Anadraulic State GT, Cell Tech, PumpFixx and NO Xplode, how does one know which one works the best?  The most commonly known answer  amongst bodybuilder’s indicates that the preferred and most useful form is still creatine monohydrate.

According to the Journal of Sports Medicine, creatine monohydrate has the ability to increase the number of satellite cells. In simple terms, creatine monohydrate helps you build new muscle cells. Ordinary sports nutrition supplements like protein powders only fill up your existing muscle cells, which limits your growth. No cell growth equals no new muscles!  You need to make new cells to actually carry more muscle on your frame long-term.

The Journal of Sports Nutrition also states that creatine has the ability to reduce an enzyme called myostatin, which is a signal for the body to tear down muscle. This is a major setback for us all. Only creatine monohydrate has been shown to reduce myostatin, which makes taking creatine monohydrate good at both reducing muscle teardown (catabolism) and increasing muscle growth (anabolism).

Via information from a Dutch research study, in order for one to get the most out of a pre-workout supplement, the inclusion of a hydrolyzed amino acid would allow you to gain 33 percent more muscle over the results one would see by only using a standard pre-workout supplement that just contains creatine and carbohydrates.


Since we’re all heading to the gym in our free-time outside of school, isn’t adding a supplement like creatine monohydrate into our regime a good way to help you get that body of your girlfriend’s dream?  What guy out there reading this doesn’t want to have their body look exactly like “The Situation” on Jersey Shore?

Remember, creatine monohydrate is not a substitute for normal, healthy food, or for actual and regular exercise, but it seems that the supplement could help you get the most out of every workout and gain 33-60 percent more muscle.

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